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Goodbye Rabaul Hotel

Goodbye Suzie

Kokopo room

The Beach

The hotel from the sea


In the pool

In the pool

Under the sea

In the sea



A fairly easy day = and much to my surprise no issues from the water!. We got up around 7:30 and started packing our bags. I ate some breakfast and then we toted the bags down to the desk. Settled up the bill, loaded up the van, and Suzie drove us off to Kokopo. The road was normally crowded but many of the vehicles (few cars, many trucks) were flying red or blue flags – opposing rugby teams.

Suzie gave a running commentary on the half hour ride to Kokopo – everything from her time in an Australian Boarding school to what types of foods she liked (and used to like) and how bland Australian food was and why the road to Rabaul was never repaired and how the town was dying bit by bit… She sure could talk!

Then into Kokopo and the Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort. Very modern hotel – but anything would be after the circa 1952 Rabaul Hotel. We checked in and were taken to our cabin. Nice place – you can see the sea through the trees and hear the waves lapping n the beach.

We headed back to reception and looked in the gift shop (they have PNG masks!!!) then headed to the Post Office to send some cards. Then to the supermarket to pick up some supplies. It is a much dirtier town than Rabaul – trash everywhere, crowded with people and none of them friendly. Very different feel than where we were.

Back at the room we went to lunch – Alice had a burger (not as good as in the states) and I had a chicken sandwich. We then made our way to a deserted (and guarded!) beech and swam for a bit – you could see the volcano in the distance. Ash and sand mixed on the beach and the water quite warm. I did have a bit of a problem though.

My feet were not as prepared for this trip as in years past – so I wore away the skin on my feet with the sandals. Then the diving fins rubbed six toes raw. The sea water really made them burn. Later I put on socks (and crocks…) and that seemed to help. May have to use socks and sandals.

In any event we went to the hotel pool – a small thing – and the water there was fine. We messed around for a while – a warm rain started up, then stopped. Then back to the room.

We were both tired of hotel food so I went to the local grocery and bought the PNG equivalent of Ramen Noodles, some apples, cookies, and some other stuff. I went and borrowed some bowls and we ate in the room. Alice pronounced them better than Ramen (wouldn’t be hard).

I got an internet card to check classes and update the travel journal. As we settled in for the night the power went off – twice – but was back on in a couple of seconds. Apparently Rabaul is not the only place that has trouble with electricity.

Can’t get wireless in the room so went to the lobby. Can’t get into the system so am waiting for the person who knows what’s up to return. PNG time… And it appears that the network is down for the night. Maybe tomorrow – but this is PNG. All I had to show for my efforts was four mosquito bites. Now to sit on the porch, have a drink, and read a bit before bed.

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