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Mt Surprise - Alice set up for rumination

Undara national Park - in front of a lava tube entrance

Undara National Park - train carriage dining area at resort

Undara National Park - Alice driving a wagon yeehaa!

Undara National Park - huge roof over eating area

From Sal -

After much umming and ahhing over the cost of visiting the Undara Lava Tubes ($157 for the family), we decided to fork out the $ and hope for a super tour. The Undara National Park is about 40mins east of Mt Surprise and offers lots of bush walks, accommodation and tour-only visits to the lava tubes. These tubes are vey special and unique not only in Australia but the world. They were created thousands of years ago when a volcano erupted and lava flowing across the land set in such a particular manner that cave-like tubes were formed. We really enjoyed walking through them and learning about their formation, identifying minerals, learning about the wildlife, history of the area and conservation.

Our guide was one of the blokes who set up the whole tour, conservation and resort bizzo there on his own family property. His family were the first white settlers in the area in the 1800s and they now have members of their sixth straight generation running about the place. Pretty impressive, but I wonder how many generations of the local nomadic aboriginal people have existed in the area??

At the accommodation resort thingy, there were some really groovy train carriages being used for accommodation and cafe/restaurant dining areas. We got to enjoy cups of tea (free kaloo kalay!) in an especially gorgeous carriage which was reminiscent of Hogwarts Express minus the doors.

We returned to Planet Earth just in time to catch the snake show (free too!) given by the caravan park owner Russell (good Aussie name eh?) and his snake Clancy. We learnt lots about snakes and snake bite treatment - don't move a muscle cause that's how the venom is spread - and we were happily (w)rapt in the beautiful python.

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