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city hall

Ebeltoft lane

Ebeltoft lane

half timbered apartment building


old Ebeltoft

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runic stones

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, which isn’t saying a lot since the whole country only has about five million people. The last time we were in Denmark with a car, we came to Aarhus to go to Den Gamle By, the world’s first open air museum created in 1914 by collecting 75 historic structures from around Denmark, sort of a Danish version of Williamsburg. There are also many historic sites in the area going back to the Bronze Age. A number of bodies have been discovered in the bogs, perfectly preserved by the tannin in the water. The local who found one of the bodies thought it was a missing boy only to discover that the corpse had died 1,000 years earlier.

We took a bus tour to the Djursland Peninsula, which functions as a summer home/recreation spot for many Aarhus residents. We saw campgrounds, always of interest to RV’ers like us. One campground swimming pool was amazingly full since we were happily wearing jackets. The guide explained that motor vehicles are taxed at 180%, so all the campers had trailers. You would have to be really, really rich to afford a motor home here.

When we passed the stone age vintage mini Stonehenge it began to hail and we wondered if the weather would do in the tour. But when we got to Ebeltoft, the sky cleared and we could enjoy this picturesque little town. Many of the half timbered homes were painted in bright colors accented with spring flower plantings. The guide told us that the square in front of the old city hall was used for all manner of town business including hangings and floggings when the wheels of justice turned more quickly than they do today. He had an interesting story for nearly every old building we passed. If time had allowed we could have gone to the small glass museum for only $20 or toured a historic tall ship moored in the harbor, also for $20. It is clear that there are no bargains in Scandinavia.

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