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Feb 15

We decided a McDonald's breakfast was in order today. One has to check it out in every country and see what's on the menu. Quito's is boring. It's much the same as at home. Sue and Cindy joined us and we were enjoying our coffee when a tank like vehicle drove up with a guy in full official with a large gun sticking out of the top. Two guys in full gear with pistils, one had his finger on the trigger ready to shoot, walked into the restaurant and looked around suspiciously. Interesting. I took my camera out and one of them walked over and wagged his finger at me so I put it away. Nobody in the place seemed disconcerted at all but nobody left. We were starting to wonder if we were trapped when finally someone else got up to leave so we followed them. We asked Giovanny (our new tour guide) and he seemed to think they were just picking up money. Weird.

We loaded up a van and headed to the bus station. Giovanny had us all paranoid about theft so I put money in several pockets and split up my cards so I'd have at least one if one got stolen.

Once we got out of the city the bus ride was incredibly scenic. We drove up and down and around mountains covered in farms, forests and waterfalls. It certainly wasn't relaxing as the road in incredibly windy and the constant changes in altitude are murder on the ears but the scenery was gorgeous.

After settling into our rooms in Tena, we went to find out about white water rafting. The rapids are class 3 and I convinced a couple of the girls that it won't be that difficult so I hope I'm right. :)

We all met for dinner at a nice place where Cindy noted that it's the 3rd day in a row Mike's had steak. I had a really nice marinated tilapia as it's apparently a house special. We walked about the small town a bit and I just got online and the power went out. I guess we go to bed early tonight.

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