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Henderson Swamp (not like I picture a swamp!)

A lot of barges just waiting to be moved

Mississippi, here we come!

We didn't stop :-(

Crossing the water at Bay St. Louis

A railroad bridge was just closing

Driving along the beach at the Gulf

This is one house that wasn't affected too much by Katrina

The house here, was, and isn't any more.

Grooming the beach

The front of Jones Park...rebuilt in 2012 after 5 years of reconstruction...

Our campsite at Campgrounds of the South

We think this is a blimp hanger at the airport

This is one of the cars that takes the pictures you see...

Stopped while a train goes through Gulfport

Full of orange juice!

Some of the wildlife down here.

The elephant's neighbor

A VERY LARGE rocking chair!

Too big for Bob

Too big for the Dodge and Penny

Clouds overtaking the sun.


After spending the early a.m. downtown until 9:30 at the garage getting the oil changed, home I went and we were packed up and ready to leave by 10 a.m. That has got to be some kind of record for us!

The drive eastward was fine...until we got back to the section of I-10 that skirts Baton Rouge and then, again, it was Bump-de-bump-de-bump-de-bump...

We left I-10 at Exit 2 in Mississippi (Route 607) and then merged onto Route 90 so we could drive along the Gulf from Bay St. Louis to Gulfport. And a beautiful drive it was. The beaches are clean (they were grooming the one area where we stopped for a bit) and there are parking areas spaced out along the roadway which is really nice. In Gulfport, we turned north on Route 49 for a couple of miles and then, 2 turns later, we pulled into Campgrounds of the South around 2:00 after a nice, easy drive of 200 miles.

Nice campground with long paved lots, wifi and cable. That's all we need. It IS right next to I-10 but it's also very hot outside (94*) so we're inside with the AC running and you don't hear the road noise. There's also a train and an airport within a mile so we're sort of in the middle of "trains, planes, and automobiles"! But there aren't many trains and even fewer planes so it's not bad at all.


Took a drive today up along the coast in search of the shrimp boats but we never did find them. Sooo, we decided to go out to eat instead. What a neat consulation prize! We first found O'Charley's when we were in Charleston, SC and really loved it so off we went to the local one. They have a $9.99 menu with quite a few choices and that's the one we pick from. I always get the grilled Santa Fe talapia on curried rice, topped with pico de gallo with a side of their delicious smashed potatoes (oh, so good!) and Bob gets the Cowboy

6 oz sirloin with their onion tanglers and smashed potatoes. Enough to fill us up and still leave some to bring home for the next day.


Bob's not been feeling too well so we've not done too much of anything. Do go out for my cache-of-the-day and shopping for some parts for the Ti. I replaced the light in the bathroom since that's not been working for the past month or so. We did get out today to a cache located at a 35' tall rocking chair. Really neat!! Saw a beautiful sun/cloud formation while waiting for Bob at the store this evening. And some great lightening...but no thunder or rain.


Yes, we're still in Gulfport. Haven't been doing a whole lot. Daily geocache; driving along the beach and just driving around in general. The BIG MOON was due to make an appearance last night but we didn't get to see it!!!! Clouds covered the whole sky. Rats!

Several times we've been stopped at the train crossings around town and I've decided that the trains running around this country nowadays without cabooses are like sentences without ending punctuation. They just don't look "finished".

The Gulfport seaport seems to be the home base for both Dole, Chiquita and Tropicana because there are certainly lots of train cars and semi-trailers with those names on them. The one train we stopped for dropped off about 5 Tropicana cars.

There are some beautiful, stately houses across the road from the Gulf but there are just as many lots where all that's left are the slabs where houses once stood. Reminds me of the 3 little pigs' story...Katrina huffed and she puffed and she blew some houses down (or they got swamped by the Gulf) but the more solidly built ones survived.

Trying to figure out the next few stops on our route. We surely don't want to be camping near a city over the 4th of July holiday because they get pretty crowded plus many Passport America campgrounds (50% off regular prices) usually don't let you us the PA rate during holidays. But, perseverance paid off. We will be leaving here (finally, although I really wouldn't mind staying a week longer) the 26th for the Corps of Engineers park in Demopolis, Alabama where we stayed in 2010. After 5 days there, it'll be on to Ft. Payne, AL for a week and then....I don't know where!

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