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Carpe Diem at Lazy Days RV

RoVers Roost in Casa Grande was pretty empty

Our lot sans Carpe

Approaching Tucson

No trip is complete without construction

Tucson skyline

Approaching Lazy Days RV

Saguaro National Park is east of Tucson

Young Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) with a belt

Spring blossoms bloom on Prickly Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica)

Morning sun backlights Ocotello (Fouquieria splendens)

Ocotello blossoms against desert sky

Red Chollo (Cylindropuntia) blossoms

Closeup of red Chollo blossoms

Mature Saguaro buds ready to blossom

Buds are clearly visible

Closeup of budding Saguaro

We were parked near this intersection...

Mission San Xavier del Bac

Mission San Xavier del Bac

Flowering cactus in Mission gardens

Sat, 20 Apr: On the road again... We must be incurable Gypsies! It just feels right to be on the move. That said, it was with mixed emotions that we departed RoVers Roost this morning. We have made many good friends at "The Roost" and it is always sad to say goodbye.

Last nite we had a farewell dinner with Ken & Joan Tarkin. The Tarkins left early this morning for a cruise that will take them around the world. We sailed with Ken & Joan in '08 and have been good friends ever since. In fact, they are the couple that got us intrigued with the entire concept of full-time RVing. Bon Voyage!

We rolled wheels a few minutes after nine and had an uneventful (our favorite kind) trip to Tucson. We arrived at Lazy Days about 1040 after putting 79 miles in the rear view mirrors. Carpe averaged just shy of nine miles per gallon for this leg.

We're staying at Lazy Days because we got a coupon good for two free nites. They honored the coupon and even gave us a voucher good for a free lunch for two at the restaurant. The site is OK (not very level) and the restaurant was very good. This is a "resort" and includes cable TV, free wireless, pool, spa, indoor pickle ball court (woo hoo...) The place is empty as most of the snowbirds have departed. It must be quite the place during the season.

Following lunch we walked to a nearby Camping World to look for a part for the shower. We didn't find it so we'll have to get it when we're at the Winnebago rally in July. We spent the afternoon catching up on computer stuff. The park claims to have wireless, but the thruput is so poor that we finally resorted to our Verizon 4G hotspot.

Tonite we were on our own so we dined at Rigo's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Tucson. We had lunch there a few years back and really enjoyed the food. Tonite was no exception and our entrées were yummy!

Tomorrow we'll met up with Lee & Bobbie Powell for some sightseeing and visiting. The Powells are good cruising buddies of ours and we always enjoy spending time with them.

Sun, 21 Apr: A gorgeous morning in Tucson. We awoke a tad late for us and were just finishing the breakfast dishes when Lee & Bobbie Powell drove up. It was soooo good to see them and there were extended hugs all around.

After visiting a while we headed out to Saguaro National Park East. This was our first visit to this beautiful park and we had a wonderful visit. Many of the desert plants are either in bloom or about to be. We took multiple pix of the plants so please visit the images and enjoy.

The Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) is a fascinating plant. They grow very slowly and can live as long as 150 years. The most common images show them with one or more "arms", but for the first 75 years of their life they are a solitary, vertical, armless plant.

Around noon we returned to the coach where we picked up our car and followed the Powells to Costco for our usual Food Court treat—pizza. More gabbing about cruises past and future until our "tushes" complained about the hard plastic seats. We bade farewell to Lee & Bobbie as we each set out to fill our Costco lists. If all goes well we'll get together tomorrow afternoon for more sightseeing.

We're again free tonite and expect to dine at home (following, of course, a suitable Happy Hour!) Tomorrow morning Andy the window guy is due out to see what we need to do to get our windshield to stop leaking. After that... Who knows?

Mon, 22 Apr: We had a visitor this morning, Andy from Superglass of Tucson. We had Andy work on our leaking windshield this past November, and he did a good job of curing our problem—for a while. We got some new leakage last month in Casa Grande so we asked Andy to take another look while we were in Tucson.

He arrived promptly at 0800 and immediately set to work. He removed all the stuff he did in November and resealed using a different (better???) product. He refused to take full payment for his time but we were able to prevail on him to take more than he originally asked. Andy is an "old school" Craftsman (yes, with a capital "C") and he felt bad that it didn't work the first time. The bad news is, if this doesn't cure the leak we may have to remove the windshield so the mounting can be rebuilt. Ugh!

Andy left around noon and we lunched before meeting Bobbie & Lee at an attraction we've been looking forward to visiting—Mission San Xavier del Bac! This gorgeous example of seventeenth centry missionary architecture and has been lovingly restored. We had a beautiful day and took many images, several of which are posted (see pix).

Dinner? Back to Rigos for more of their superb food...

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