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Today my mommy and nana went to Singapore while Bella, Poppy, and I stayed on the ship. Today some people got off the ship and new people got onboard. 50 new kids got on the ship today. Because I stayed with Poppy, I got to swim three times and ate ice cream 2 times. I lost my second tooth on the ship. I have now lost 9 teeth. The tooth fairy found me again on the ship! I also got to play ping with my friend Malcolm. Since I didn't go onshore to Singapore my mommy will tell you about it:

Singapore is beautiful city!! It is so very clean everywhere you go. Did you know that it's against the law to chew gum in Singapore? They are also very strict about littering. They have a beautiful botanical garden that we visited. We also visited a Hindu Temple & another Buddist temple. They were both amazing. It is very expensive to drive a car in Singapore. You have to pay $100,000.00 every 10 yrs for a car permit! Per car! How many cars does your family have? How much would you have to pay? Maybe you can do the math and figure it out:-)

Have a good day!

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