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Sunset over the Caloosahatchie River

Sunset over the Caloosahatchie River



Buoys in Morning Mist

Goin Fishin at Dawn

Moon at Sunrise over Caloosahatchie

View of Campground

Palm Warbler

Hello to our friends in PA and NJ who were hit by the hurricane. Thanks to all of you for helping with our house. We are thinking of you all.

Here are the photos of the sunrise and sunset from the W.B.Franklin Lock Park. The first ones are from the sunset and the others from the sunrise. See if you can tell the difference.

The sunset was beautiful with a halo-like orange glow around the sun. We were able to walk out of the RV and behind us was the river with a nice bench at the point where we sat, had a cocktail and watched the sunset.

There is nothing quite like a sunrise to lift the spirits. I got up early the next day to photograph the sun rising over W.B. Franklin Park. The moon was still quite high in the sky and almost full but there was also a mist rising from the river which had stilled during the night. Fishermen were starting their day on the water and the dew coated the fishing pier. As the sun began to rise, everything took on a pinkish hue. It was lovely, peaceful and I knew that I had been given a gift to start the day.

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