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We have the new truck and I am ready to move on. It has rained every day and Dick is afraid the standing water will get the truck dirty. Good luck with that. Today when we went to see it at the hitch place there were two birds sitting on the front fender eating dead bugs off the grill.

I had the camera out today and I noticed that there's a basket ball hoop in the entrance Driveway. The buffalo are protected by a two layer fence. The old trucks we hear between 5-7 am every day are oil field welders, drill hands. There a group here from Arkansas who paint highway lines. Across the street is a small trailer that is about 30 years old and the windows are held in with duck tape along with the a window air conditioner, and several extension cords. The satellite dish has craved in the roof about 6 inches. To be honest I am dying to see the inside.

Tomorrow we head to Elk City.

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