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Traders Village was open again today so we went over and hit the area that is just one big bad garage sale. We found latches that the RV parts stores charge $6.49 a piece for at this cupboard hardware supply stand for 50 cents each. Dick got 10. He also found a vehicle, rotary waxer, brand new, in the box for $5. He loves to negotiate the price. I love the jicama strips with lime and cayenne pepper sold in a cup. They way they core a pineapple, cut pedals in it so you can eat it off a stick and coconut chunks with cinnamon and sugar.

This park has it's own Barbershop so Dick is going to get his hair cut while we're here. Tomorrow an oil change for truck and tour of South fork where they filmed Dallas. There is also a restaurant in the old stockyard area that has a long horn cattle drive twice a day. This activity drew an eye roll from the husband. He does enjoy eating large hunks of meat so I imagine he'll humor me.

We are living in a wind tunnel and it has promoted " bad hair" for over two weeks now. I have taken to wearing a hat. Between the hat, fanny pack, and the occasional limp from my hip only my husband will claim me in public.

PS I will not be getting my hair cut at the Barbershop.

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