Our summer 2012 RV trip to Michigan travel blog

Albeni Falls Dam, another Army Corps of Engineers project

Albeni Falls status board

Taking care of the dogs

The dam

Welcome to Idaho

Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced POND o ray)

The owner of Hi Dee Ho RV Park is really into making...

His latest project and his largest so far

Laughing Dog Brewery conveniently located across the road

Inside the tasting room

Notice the sampler tray

The snacks come in dog bowls

Cedar Street Bridge, a collection of shops and cafes on Cedar &...


Saturday afternoon concert with Mike & Shanna

Connie’s Café

Found a friend

The Panida Theater on First

Inside for the “Grease” sing-a-long

St. Joseph’s used to be a small church downtown

The church is really beautiful

City Beach for lunch at Trinity Restaurant

We sat outside overlooking the beach

On the wall by the post office

The Sandpoint Elks Club golf course

The first fairway

Looking for a ball. Notice the railcars in the background

We left Colville on Route 395 and made a short hop over to Route 2 at Deer Park on our way to Sandpoint ID and Hi Dee Ho RV Park. We had stayed here once before. It’s an rv park attached to an rv repair shop, not fancy, but level and good hookups. A pleasant surprise was the Laughing Dog Brewery across the road. Great place!

On the way to Sandpoint we stopped at the Albeni Falls Dam. And you ask, where are the falls? Well, in 1887, 26-year-old Albeni Poirier, a French Canadian farmer from Blanchard ID traveled north to find them. He was so captivated by the beauty of the falls that he built a log cabin at the site where he first saw them. He also built and operated a hotel and eating place used by hunters, fishermen and gold prospectors. He added a barn and a combined saloon, dance hall and blacksmith shop after the Great Northern Railroad completed its link to Troy MT in 1892. Fishing and picnicking excursions to the falls became popular Sunday activities with travelers riding the train from Spokane. Because people had difficulty pronouncing his last name, the falls were named Albeni Falls. But, alas, progress intervened. In 1955, Albeni Falls became Albeni Falls Dam. The region had experienced an increased need for water storage and power production so Congress authorized the dam in 1950 and construction began in 1951. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

We spent much of Saturday on chores. Saturday afternoon there was a concert in the park with Mike & Shanna, local entertainers. They were good. We had a very good meal at Connie’s Café, a Trip Advisor suggestion. Sarah, the bartender, was a delight. She told us all about her large family camping experience. Then we went to the “Grease” sing-a-long at the Panida Theater. When anyone in the movie sang, the words appeared on the screen and the whole theater sang. There were also people in the aisles dressed in costume who encouraged people to get up and dance.

Sunday morning we went to Saint Joseph’s. The church used to be downtown but the congregation outgrew the building and now they are in a lovely new church on the outskirts of town. Fr. Dennis Day was obviously a happy man who enjoys his calling. At the end of Mass he walked down the aisle asking visitors to raise their hands and tell where they were from. At our response to Orlando FL, he commented that he knew Bishop Wenski.

We had lunch at Trinity Restaurant on City Beach and ate very good food on their patio overlooking the beach. The setting was delightful but the service a little slow. Then we went home and watched Ernie Els win the British Open.

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