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SUNDAY: Went to church with Bev, Art and Rod. We were able to see cousin Irene there and she invited us to a BBQ next Saturday.

Then we met Arthur and Jackie at the Golden Bowl and had some great Chinese food.

Later Bev, Art and Rod came out to the MH as Bev and Art had never seen this one.

MONDAY: Laundry day!! Yuck! I goofed around all morning while it was cool and then decided to go to the laundromat at 3 when it was the hottest. Dummy! Anyway, got 3 load done, washed, dried, folded, put away and bed remade. Ron walked across the street to a former DQ and picked up a cone for me so that made me feel better. Other than that we read, listened to music and napped. What an exciting life.

TUESDAY: Off to Emery to get our mail and hopefully our meds. We didn't even have to tell them who we were and they went and got the meds and once again apologized for sending them back in error.. Then we went down to main street to check out an antique store which turned out to be just a gift shop. They had a neat metal tree of life wall hanging that just happened to have 6 pictures frames on it. I took this to mean it was meant for me as we have 6 DGD. I also saw a really neat curio shelf shaped like a barn and silo so I took a picture of it. Hopefully, Ron and I can figure it out and make it.

WEDNESDAY: Passport day! I was a bit apprehensive to report out passports lost but a VERY nice lady named Sam helped us with the all the forms and all is well. It just costs $$$. We opted to get both passports and passport cards so we can put one away and carry the other easier. Since we don't really plan to go anywhere other than Mexico and Canada the cards will work for land travel. And we have the passports if we decide to fly or go somewhere else.

Drove all over town looking for tire valve stems and, of course, found them just around the corner from the campground where I told him to go first.

Now time for a sugar free frozen fudge bar and some cooling off in the AC. It is 91 and very muggy here. High is supposed to be 97.

THURSDAY: This afternoon we went to the ballet. The first part was the smaller kids who did a version of Cinderella. The second part was called Into the Woods and had Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Cinderella all rolled into one story. Lots of singing and dancing and was most entertaining. Some of the students from this Dance Academy have gone on to Semi-pro musical theater (like at Disney or 6 Flags)

Then Ron and I took Bev out to Famous Dave's BBQ - so I am stuffed.

We will have a quiet evening at home tonight.

FRIDAY: I don't know if was the BBQ sauce or the two big glasses of Sweet Tea from Famous Dave's but neither Ron nor I slept at all last night. He stayed in bed and I got up to set in my chair and read. It was a very long night.

Ron and his friend from HS, Bob went out for a 4 hour breakfast. After they ate they road around looking at some of the sights and also stopping at RV places to get a piece for our sewer system. We left a clear elbow on the 5th wheel when we sold it, so Ron bought another one.

While they were gone, I picked up the MH and took a shower. I decided not to try to take a nap as I was afraid I would wake up all groggy.

Ron's cousins, Merlyn and Gloria came over for a great visit. It has been a while since we saw them so we did a lot of catching up.

After they left, Ron went over to Wendy's and picked up some salads for us for supper. I had their Berry Salad with strawberries, blue berries and almonds – with a raspberry dressing it was pretty good. Of course, we went to bed early and slept the clock around.

SATURDAY: I got up about 9 and ate some breakfast and then went back to bed for a 2 hour nap.

We had been invited to my cousin, Irene's house for a picnic so we got there about 1:30. They had the picnic catered by HyVee Grocery and it was really good. We were able to meet a lot of her kids, who I remember as little kids and/or babies. It was really hot out so we headed home to cool off and change. Like a dummy, I left both my camera and my phone at home so have no pictures.

My cousin, Ernest was the oldest of the 1st cousins and passed away at age 95 this week. At 5 they had a graveside service for him. (The funeral had been in Omaha where he had lived for years.) I was also able to see some more cousins and meet Ernest's kids, who I used to babysit for. I hadn't been at a military funeral for quite a while and it was very moving.

After we got home, I changed into my nighty and we hit the bed early again. It has been a busy week and we are not used to this heat and humidity.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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