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All right, in a nutshell, here's what happened in Merritt: it rained, I learned how to bleed a diesel engine with air in the fuel line, it rained, I went on a great motorcycle ride, it rained and I got gout!

Oh yeah, did I mention that it rained? Here In one of the driest places in Canada, I managed for the second year in a row to run into rain 5 out of the 7 days I was there! I stayed up there the extra week so I could go to the antique drags and show and shine in Ashcroft, and they were rained out. It was sunny the day I left however.

I'm beginning to feel like one of the Snoopy characters that had a cloud following him everywhere. (Was that Linus or Pigpen?)

The reason I learned to bleed a fuel line was because I ran out of diesel fuel on the way to the gas station one rainy afternoon. (Fortunately, I had disconnected the trailer for the trip into town.) The manual said that even though the gauge might show low fuel, there would still be some in the tank. The manual lied! Anyway, I've filed that away for future reference.

Gout, for those of you who don't know is Uric Acid crystals in a joint (usually the big toe) that hurt like hell! It usually runs in families (my mother had it) and there is no real cure. Drinking beer and eating red or organ meat may bring it on. Eating cherries is supposed to help eliminate it.

I couldn't put a shoe on for a day and limped badly for another 3 or 4 before I started the cherrie cure. I'm still limping a bit but it is going away. By the way, it all started at the end of a day's riding which ended in the cold and rain, while drinking beer and eating liver and onions. Hmmmm.

Anyway in 3 days I'm going to a motorcycle event here in White Rock and then south of the border to a John Fogerty (CCR) concert at a winery north east of Seattle, so I'll send a report from there.


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