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Dove Cottage-Wordsworths home

In Dove Cottage garden

checking out WOrdsworth family graves

Passing on all that wordsworth information

Generally Yve hates museums and even more , visitng old churchyards and looking at tombstones. She wants you all to know she isnt totally converted.

Options for the heading for todays entry were

1. Bev you'll never believe this!!! (brother Bevan loves family history so loves checking out tombstones in grave yards)

2. Yve gets hooked!

3. or simply Wordsworth and Daffodils! (Yve's preference!)

After checking out from our B&B on our last day we headed for Grasmere where William Wordsworth lived for much of his adult life. He lived in Dove cottage for eight years and wrote some of best poetry while there. There are still Wordsworth descendents living in Grasmere, so there are lots buried in the local cemetery.

At Dove cottage we had a tour of the house where all furniture belonged to Wordsworth but not necessarily while he lived in this cottage.

Its incredible to imagine the number of people + all the visitors who 'dropped in' actually found somewhere to sleep. Poor kids must have been often bundled up together. Coleridge once arrived in the early hours of the morning and everyone had to be reorganised to give him a space to sleep. (in Woedswroths sisters diary)

There was a gift shop that had some really good quality stuff. A museum and an exhibition.

I found the exhibition interesting. I think it was titled something like Paint prose and Pixels. They had collected paintings or pencil sketches of the area from the late 1700’s through 1800’s. Recent photographs of the areas in which the art was done, along with prose or poetry related to the times or the area. Time had changed the views of some places with cottages or bridges gone or built; poetic license changed others, the hills looking much starker and craggier, or some things moved a bit for a better picture! But overall, interesting.

Those of you who know Yvonne may be wondering why this interest in Wordsworth. Well it was because in High School she said they were often asked to talk about their favourite poem, explain its meaning and then to illustrate the response. She could relate to “I wandered lonely as a cloud...” and she could draw a daffodil. SO it always the poem she used!

You might be wondering where Michael was all time. He was in the car checking out technical and electronic things!

Then off to the other end of the village where Yvonne was determined she would see the cemetery and the Wordsworth's graves. By now she was such a full bottle on all things Wordsworth that fellow tourists who had not yet been to the cottage or museum were filled in on who was who.

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