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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After disembarking our lovely Stella Australis, we claimed our luggage from the dock and then re-checked it with Australis to take to their office while we walked around Ushuaia before time for our flight. We first found an Internet cafe ( there are very many little cafes with wi-fi) . It was raining and quite chilly when we arrived in Ushuaia, so we were happy to find a cute little "pseudo-Starbucks". However, very quaint.

We all ordered some cafe, Conejita y Margarita ordered cafes especiales con Baileys. Just to relieve the chill! We caught up with e-mail , the guys finally found out who made it to the Super Bowl (I told you we have been really out of touch!). After our reintroduction to the world of Internet, we (Conejita y Margarita) did a little shopping. Los amigos Miguel y Pancho carried! Margarita y Conejita also took many photos!

We then headed toward the Australis office to reclaim our luggage and call a taxi for our trip to the airport. The people at the office were wonderful about calling two taxis for us. The taxis are small, so with our luggage needed one each. Pancho y Margarita took the second taxi. Pancho tried to tip the young woman who helped us, but she turned us down.

Traffic was very heavy, even though Ushuaia is small. Besides our own ship and other tour groups and tourists visiting, there was a large cruise ship in port, the Star Princess. We had plenty of time to negotiate the airport , but nothing extra. We have been so lucky with our flights. No cancellations and only minimal delays. No connection problems.

The airport is small, but as a side note, Miguel & Conejita had been in Ushuaia about 9 years ago, population then about 20,000. It is now about 65,000 and a major port city for all the explorers at the end of the world

We had no trouble making our connection in Buenos Aires. For the first time, our layover was short. At the domestic airport planes land away from the terminal and passenjeros take buses to the terminal to claim luggage or connect to next flight. We got to our flight to Mendoza just fine, but had our first delay, although not terribly long, it did put our late evening arrival at Mendoza about an hour later. We had a driver to meet us with his van and we drove the 1/2 hour to our little cottage at Casa Glebinius in Chacras de Coria. We arrived after dark and so could not appreciate the beauty & serenity of the place or explore until tomorrow. Alberto, the owner, met us at the gate. and as pre-arranged had ordered two pizzas and a bottle of wine, which was delivered almost at the same time we arrived. In fact, Margarita was concerned about the young man on the motorcycle who was at the gate and entered with us. He seemed not to belong there and had been having trouble with the intercom system before we arrived. He zipped in when the gate was opened for us, and then zipped out again shortly thereafter. It was our pizza delivery! Alberto brought all our luggage to our cottage and the afternoon assistant (Martina ?) show us the amenities of our cottage named ". More tomorrow. Time for bed!

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