Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Bob posing

First stop

Shaded parking for visitors because of the heat!

And we HAD to get gas. Only got $15 worth, though, to...


Not too hot this day.



Penny checking for a cache at the museum





Off we go to Badwater Basin - lowest point in North America

About Badwater

The boardwalk going out into the salt flats.

Here we are!

And the rest are some of the beautiful mountains in Death Valley









So, off we go to Death Valley today. We had been here for a quick visit with Bunk and Brenda last year but today we decided to spend the better part of the day there. Death Valley isn't just a place to visit though; to the Shoshone Indian tribe Death Valley is "home".

First stop, the Death Valley Visitor's Center to get our National Parks stamp and visit the Borax Museum. Also found a couple of virtual geocaches here.

(As an aside, a "Virtual Geocache" is one where there's no actual cache but there is information that must be mailed back to the cache owner in order to claim a "find". You'll find Virtual Caches in areas the prohibit the hiding of an actual national parks, monuments, etc.)

From the museum, we got back in the truck and headed to Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America. The mountains along the way were absolutely beautiful and I've included several pictures of these colorful hills, of course! Along the way, we passed Artist's Drive which is supposed to absolutely beautiful but since we were a bit low on diesel at this point, we decided to come back some day next winter for that tour. We DID stop for a couple of gallons of that expensive diesel on our way out, though, because Death Valley is NOT somewhere where'd you want to run out of fuel, especially in July!

All in all, a very HOT enjoyable day.

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