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When we're not at home, people think we are on vacation. Can you be on vacation for months at a time? Perhaps there are degrees of being on vacation or perhaps that's just retirement. For the past few weeks we have been in a more touristic vacation mode, but once we got here, the pace slowed considerably. We did plan to visit an outstanding garden/plantation house in the area - half an hour away with the ferry or a ninety minute drive if we have to circle Mobile Bay. But the ferry has been closed for repairs and if it takes much longer to reopen the best of the azalea blossoms will be on the ground. So we have pretty much stayed put.

The primary reason is that it's just so darn nice right where we are in the campground. Now that spring has arrived, we are sharing the gulf coast with spring breakers and on the weekend the beaches and parking lots were quite full of folks with unlined faces. But here in our campground we have our own small slice of beach where we can sit quietly and read and watch the pelicans dive bombing the fish. Occasionally in the distance we can see a large vessel sail by on its way to Mobile. For the most part the loudest thing we can hear is birds chirping. Why get in the car and run around when it's just so nice right where we are?

There are some decent bike trails around here; one starts near the campground and goes into Gulf Shores. Another weaves through the state park. They are just the sort of riding we like - paved, away from the cars and flat. Thick tree banks give the illusion that we are riding farther away from civilization that we really are.

There are many lah-di-dah golf courses in Gulf Shores, one right next to our campground. But after extensive web research we have located some that cost less than $15, commensurate with our meagre skills. By the time we leave the area, we should have time to give them all a try.

So while we have not turned into total slugs, we will leave this spot ultra relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the long trip home.

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