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Sunrise in Mendoza

Daniel shows us the day on a map

Heading to the Andes Mountains


An accident on the way (not us!)

Remains of the old Argentina Railroad. Abandoned track on top and bridge...

Our "base camp."

Getting ready. It was about 45 F

The start of the trail

Up we go. We are at 9,000 feet already.

Rangers on horses


Anne and Tom got as far as this lake.


The photographer



Anne & our guide Sonya

Tom takes a nap

A favorite thing for him to do

Just taking it all in


Mt. Aconcagua 22841 ft.


Sonya heads back to the start point.

We saw a "monkey face" in the side of the hill.



Inca bridge - a natural formation.

Some of the railroad

A magnificant panorama

This is going to be a fantastic day! The sunrise says so! We were on the road by 8:30, heading toward the Andes Mountains. As the bus wound its way along the ever rising road, we saw the old narrow gauge Argentinean railroad that had been abandoned. The tracks in some places were covered with rocks and dirt. All of the telegraph lines along the tracks were down, but the bridges seemed to be solid. It may be possible to restore this line someday.

Our hike was at 9,000 feet and soon Tom began to feel lightheaded. A bit of fruit revived him and a nap at the side of a snow-melt lake was just what the "doctor ordered." From the lake, we had a view of the highest mountain in South America (Mt. Aconcagua 22841 ft.). It is one of the 7 highest peaks and second highest in the world. Since we have seen Mt. McKinley (3rd highest), we have seen two of the world's highest peaks.

After lunch, we leisurely walked back to the parking area and explored a natural bridge, called the "Inca Bridge" although there are no Incas in the area.

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