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Since it is just me again today, I decided to practice on the side lying position some more, so I could get as familiar with it as I couldn't before leaving. After lunch Homprang showed me yet some more new moves for back and hips. We ended class a tiny bit early today, decided our blood sugar must have been low and we needed a break, so Homprang dug into the freezer for a treat she had got for cream, her favorite. It was a delicious mix of coconut and ginger, and Holly brought out some chocolate truffles she had been saving. Twas perfect.

Attempted to upload some pictures to the computer, and then took a break since Holly and I had decided that a bike ride to the rice fields with Christopher would be a nice evening outing. And it was perfect, mostly because I stayed upright and didn't fall off! It's so so so beautiful here. Except for the humidity, I strongly dislike being sticky but figure I can handle anything so a little while! Christopher even played tour guide and we stopped by a local Wat.

Steam baths at 5:30pm and dinner at 7pm sharp. Oh how I'm going to miss this little family and the paradise they have carved out for themselves. Tonight after dinner, I stayed up late for the first time since arriving here. Got pictures uploaded to this journal, and updated a few days entries.

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