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Kid with wallaby

Tree kangaroo



A croc was spotted as I went to go take a picture

And there it is

Pretty view during drive

It is a good thing we weren't there during the summer!

View from Coconut Beach

Resort where we had lunch

Another nice view

There I am

Our idiot guide.

Rex Lookout where we saw the dolphin

Tuesday June 21st

We were picked up at 7:00 for the Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour. We drove north along one of the most renowned scenic coastal roads in Australia, Captain Cook Highway. According to our little pamphlet we explored majestic rainforests, pristine rivers and white sandy beaches. Sounds pretty neat, which it was. Are you asking yourself "What is so special about Cape Tribulation?" Cape Tribulation is the only place in the world where two-world heritage listed regions live alongside each other. 1)Daintree Rainforest and 2)Great Barrier Reef.

On our way north we traveled through Port Douglas and Four Mile Beach. I can't begin to describe how stunning the views were. Our first stop was at a Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary. I was by no means thrilled about this part of the tour because we had just been to Forest Glen; however we were able to see the differences between wallabys and kangaroos. We also got to see lots of crocodile too. We then jumped back on the bus and continued our trek north. We drove through a sugar town called Mossman and by this time I was thoroughly sick of seeing sugar cane until he caught my attention when he told us that the molasses from it was used in the Bundaberg Rum which is the number one selling drink in Queensland (Bundy Coke). Let's just say he caused drink sales to increase on that particular night. Our next stop was for a "Croc Spotting" River Cruise. This little adventure had my undivided attention. We spotted at least half a dozen crocodile. It was also fascinating to see all of the different butterfly, birds, and trees. Just knowing that we were boating down a river with Archer fish in it was thrilling for me. Archer fish spit out of the water to hit insects and such so they drop into the water and can eat them. They have one at UnderWater World and so whenever I would be bored I would go visit it. All you have to do is place your hand over the water and you will get spit on by it. We then had lunch on Coconut Beach at one heck of an impressive resort. They had incredible food and even better scenery as they were located right in the rainforest!

After lunch we had a nice drive through the Daintree Rainforest where the guide gave a decent spiel. It was gorgeous. We then got out and went on a rainforest walk at Marrdja. He told us some really interesting things, but by the end of the walk half of the group got in an argument with him which was completely reasonable. He told the tour group we should put sugar in the gas tanks of all the backhoes because they were destroying the habitat for all of the animals there. As an Aussie would say, the tour guide was a bloody idiot. He was pretty biased, not a good characteristic to have when you are a tour guide.

We then crossed over the Daintree River on a cable ferry and made a stop at a local store where I tasted some homemade tropical fruit ice cream. They grow their own fruit in their back yard. I tried the ice cream made with Jaboticaba. It is a type of berry. Quite tasty I must add.

Our last stop for the trip was at Rex Lookout. We ended up staying there for a good half an hour because we spotted a couple of dolphins swimming along the coast. By the time we left they were damn near right below us from the lookout. I guess Rex Lookout is the best stop for photographs along the coast. I thought the whole drive was stunning myself!

When we got back to Cairns I finally broke down and went to the 24 hour clinic. I hadn't been able to sleep for the past two nights due to one heck of an ear infection. I was more than impressed by their service. How many times can a person go to a walk-in clinic and be out with your medicine in less than half an hour? "Good on ya" as an Aussie would say. The $90 tab was well worth it. I knew I needed to get it taken care of so my 48 hour travel home could be bearable.

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