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Mackinac Bridge connecting lower MI with the Upper Penninsula (U.P.)

Jennifer on Main Street, Mackinac Island

Meet Sweet Pea and Pumpkin

Meet Sam, our tour guide

The Grand

Jen admiring the grounds of The Grand

The grounds of The Grand

Arch Rock

Jen and The Little Stone Church

The tree scene "Is it you?" in the film

Typical cottages on Mackinac Island


Our Ferry to return to Mackinaw City

Our Ferry also makes rainbows!

Charlie and Bonnie enjoying our campground by Lake Huron

View from our campground of Mackinac Bridge

The frightened fawn b4 swimming into Lake Huron

Last sight of little fawn. Very sad!

We woke at the crack of dawn on 7/10 to leave Interlochen SP b4 a huge endurance race kicked off. We were told to either leave by 8am or stay til after noon; we left at 6am. I slept most of the way after a huge pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Traverse City.

We found a great campground called Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, thanks to our camping neighbors Beth and Henry who stayed there on a previous trip. It was a huge park right on Lake Huron with amazing views of Mackinac Island and the Mackinac bridge that connects lower MI w/the Upper Peninsula (U.P.).

We enjoyed a rain day on Monday and booked an extra day so we could visit the Island on Tuesday. We boarded the ferry for the 20 minute ride over to the island with a side trip under the Mackinac Bridge. I cannot express to you how amazing Mackinac Island is. Imagine Horses instead of cars, friendly folks, flowers everywhere both wild and cultivated, fudge shops galore and all of it surrounded by the clearest, bluest (is that a word?) water ever. Oh, I almost forgot the high temp of 70 degrees! We saw The Grand hotel which was featured in the movie "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. It boasts the largest covered porch, ever. We even found the trees in the scene where Elise asks Richard "Is it you?", which is not even on the grounds of the hotel, but by the road on a sliver of land right on Lake Huron. They had it marked w/a sign.

We took a horse-drawn carriage tour through the island and had some great tour guides. I've included a picture of Sam who looks like Prince William and was flirting with the girl sitting in front of us.

The Belgian Draft horses that pulled our carriage are purchased from the Amish in the area for $300 each, when they are no longer useful for plowing. Each horse weighs 1 ton and can pull 3x their weight! Not to mention they are very amenable and have sweet dispositions.

There was also a neat story we were told about Dr. William Beaumont, here. He treated Alexis St. Martin who was shot in the stomach. The wound never healed completely and the Dr. performed many experiments w/the accessible stomach and learned much about the digestive system. Gross, but neat, huh?

There were many Victorian style cottages overlooking Lake Huron from high cliffs adjacent to The Grand. Lots of folks have horses “and” waterfront, hard to beat!

We grabbed some fudge (w/walnuts and some w/mint) and headed back to the ferry dock to return to Mackinaw City. We could have brought Bonnie but decided not to since we didn’t know if we were going to rent bicycles or not.

We took Bonnie down to the lakefront to enjoy the breezes and the view. A fawn came running out of the campers and right next to us on the lawn. Luckily Bonnie didn’t see him/her till after I grabbed her. But, another dog was barking and scared it into the freezing waters of Lake Huron. Unfortunately, he/she just kept swimming; we lost sight of its little head bobbing. Very sad.

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