Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

Sunrise as we head to Alghero airport

Early morning at the Alghero airport

A Classic Journeys group photo



In Rome

Our Eurostar train - but which track?

There it is on track #9

We traveled with some children

Our driver in Naples

A busy street

Where we ate on Saturday night

The Buffalo Restaurant Symbol

Our B&B which had our apartment

Up our street

The top of our B&B

Off to explore

Of course there are lots of statues

The Marina Piccola harbor in Sorrento

The harbor from above

more harbor

The hotels are built on the cliffs

There were 150 steps to get to the harbor

The tour train





The grocery store

Lots of fruit

Inside the store


A little (7 tables) restaurant we found. It was a "find."

Wonderful food

Cappuccino at Davide

This dog would not move

Our bed

The floor was made of glass!

You could look right down into the living space below!

Or up to the bedroom space above!

Anne upstairs

The kitchen area

The bath

Off for ingredients

Cooking up the Bolognese sauce

Another great meal

We enjoyed being "at home"

A church that was nearby


Our second meal at home

The chef!

Entry #9 May 22, 2011

We rose early on May 21 and boarded our van to take us to the Alghero airport. The entire Classic Journeys group (all 4 of us!) had to make the 11:15 flight to Rome and it was a 3 hour drive to the airport. We bid farewell to Luciano and George and Chris. We found our Eurostar train in the Rome Termini and headed to Naples. The ride was a smooth one hour, and our driver picked us up and drove us to Sorrento where we would be staying (and resting up from the CJ adventures) for the next week. We ate at the restaurant famous for serving water buffalo meat and cheese made from their milk.

We have a small studio-loft apartment in a B&B called the Magi House right in the historic part of Sorrento. We have a small kitchen and our bed is in the loft upstairs. The town is not too large and makes a great base for exploring the Amalfi Coast and Naples. The street is pedestrian-only, which only means that regular traffic is excluded but delivered, residents, and many motorcycles go up and down anyways; we wish they really meant pedestrians only, since it can kind of spoil the atmosphere - but I guess that IS the atmosphere today.

Tom got a cold and then Anne caught it too, so it was a good thing we were able to throttle back for a week. Nonetheless, we explored the things we really wanted to: Pompeii, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast as far as Ravello. Lots of good eating in Sorrento, and Tom cooked two meals with food from local stores, and we were able to eat breakfast right there too. The best gelato place in Sorrento was just across the street!

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