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July 3 Day 10 Golden to Lake Louise Over the Kicking House Pass

K’s 103 k

Time 6h

Average speed: 17k/H

T to D 882.13

The normal tour stop would be Field but the campsite that was used was wiped out by a slide so we complete the Kicking Horse and ride to Lake Louise today. Makes for a longer ride but will shorten the next day’s ride B.C. behind and enter into the blue skies of Alberta.

This turned out to be the toughest day so far. We packed up camp in weather that was threatening rain and it was cool as well. Six of us decided to have breakfast at a local restaurant before taking on the Kicking Horse. As we ate the rain came in and it stayed with us until we got to Field. That is 58 k,s of suffering as it was a long pull up the mountain in cold rain. We made Field at noon and found a deli/liquor store/grocery store to eat at and also to buy dry socks. The feet went in the dry socks, then they were covered with plastic bags and then into the soaked shoes. The rain has stopped so while we were cold and wet the day got better as we rode the final 12 K to the summit of the pass which is 1647 meters above sea level. A bit of a grind but very ride-able.

After reaching the summit we hooked onto the old “Great Divide”. A neat place which is now not accessible by car. Here you can see a creek that splits and flow half to the West and half to the East. From here we continued on 1A to Lake Louise. We heard there were Grizzly Bears on route, a mother and two cubs. We were told they were not a problem just to ride carefully. By the time we got to where they were they had moved on. We turned off 1A to ride up to Lake Louise, a very steep climb on the bike, took in the lovely scene at the lake and had a drink at the Chateau then off to camp to set up and eat. Damn it seems like we spend more and more time eating. Our calorie burn is about 6000/ day so lots of food is consumed on a continual basis.

One can never explain all the flats one has. Tonight I rode the bike from the campsite to the truck location which was a couple of k’s away and parked it to eat. Someone said it had to be moved and moved it for me then told me I had a flat front tire. Oh well one more changed tube and off we go.

Another problem my bike was that the rear brake was not holding and both front and back derailers were not shifting properly. Not a good problem to have on mountain roads or any roads for that matter. However the fix would have to wait until we get to Banff tomorrow and I can find a good mechanic.

Lovely campsite and we did see the grizzly bears just outside our bear proof compound. Thought I would get some picture but discovered that the camera had gotten a little wet and didn’t want to work. Hopefully it will dry out and work later.

Tomorrow promises to be a fairly easy day as the ride is just to Banff, around 70 k. I’m a bit pumped for tomorrow as my fit and lovely niece Sheila will bike with us from Banff to Airdrie. That will be fun for sure.

First of 10 provinces behind us as we crossed from B.C. into Sunny Alberta

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