2011 Great Escape (from the cold & snow) travel blog

Winnie at South Bay

Fire in the morning

More cane burning

Bank Atlantic Center

Flyers vs Panthers

Look at all the orange!

Oh say can you see.

Game On!

The bottom(?) of the advertising barrel.

Winnie and I moved further east to South Bay, FL. We stayed in a Palm Beach County RV park which was cheap and nice. It had paved sites and full hook-ups including cable. The only thing that detracted from the site was the black snow. South Bay is in the middle of sugar cane country. It seems after they harvest the cane, they burn the remaining stubble left on the field. I’m not sure why, but my guess is that it kills any diseases or pests and also returns the nutrients looked up in the stubble to the soil. As you look around there are large column of black smoke rising into the air and the ash is the fallout from the fires. I woke up yesterday and looked outside to see smoke right on the edge of the campground, but it didn’t last too long.

I moved over this way to go to the Flyers game in Sunrise. It was about 45 miles from the camp site. Not much further than the Wells Fargo Center from Newark. The Panthers play at the BankAtlantic Center. Why is it that the banks have all the money for the naming rights at arenas and stadiums? I think the building used to be called the National Car Rental Center, but I guess the rental car business went south. The building is pretty nice, but pretty cold. I made the mistake of wearing shorts and didn’t bring in my jacket. You’d think I’d know better by that they play these games on ice and have to keep the building cold. The place was packed with Flyers fans wearing their colors. I bought a $5 cup of coffee to warm up. For that much I should have bought a beer.

I’m going to say something indelicate here. I went to the Mens Room to relieve myself of the coffee and looking down into the urinal I was surprised to see a sign advertising a urology practice. Since I had my camera with me, I had to take a picture. Don’t miss it. I’m amazed at where they will place advertising in sports arenas.

I’d say about half the crowd were Philly fans and the “Let’s go Flyers” chants drowned out the locals early in the game when the Flyers went up 3-0. The locals got more boisterous when the Panther got to 3-2 about midway through the third period, but the Fly boys prevailed, 4-2, on an empty net goal with about 30 seconds left. I woke up this morning a little hoarse. I didn’t think I yelled that much.

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