London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Bitter Springs

Petrol pumps at Daly Springs

Feeding Di's Pies to the crocodile

Our lunch stop (for pies)

Motel at Tennant Creek

We drove from Katherine to Tennant Creek, stopping at 8 a.m. at Bitter Springs where you can swim. We arrived early in the day and the others with us decided to move on and the water in the springs was beautifully clear, so Charlotte and I went skinny dipping. As it happened the others guessed what was up and debated coming back to pinch our clothes, but (atypically) decided not to. However Paul and Nikki arrrived just as we were getting out, but decided to do the same thing anyway. No photos on the website, I am afraid, but you will have to take it on trust that the water was cool and perfectly clear.

When we arrived in Tennant Creek, we found that everything there shuts at 2 p.m. (not that there is much to shut.) However with great foresight, Charlotte had remembered that November 5th was coming and bought some sparklers in a shop in Darwin. Actually we had seen some really good fireworks in China but decided that the party pooping Ozzies would not let them in. So with the help of the local bottle shop which WAS still open we invited our fellow travellers to join us for a drink and sparklers to celebrate Guy Fawkes night. Everybody was really impressed and had a great time.

There is no speed limit in Northern Territory and the car much enjoyed streching its legs. Our rally tyres are only rated up to 118 mph though - probably a good thing :-)

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