The Maiden Inaugural Cruise - December 2010 travel blog

A totally full plane brought us and a number of other refugees from the Sunday storms back to the frigid reality that is Chicago in December. The luggage arrived as well and the pick up from the parking lot attendant was so prompt, we hardly had a chance to feel the cold. The car started promptly, but we need a chisel to free up the windshield wipers from the ice dam that had formed during Saturday's freezing rain. A few hours reading the mail and laundering the shorts and tank tops and it will feel as if we never had left. But we'll be talking enthusiastically for weeks to come about the extravaganza that is the Allure of the Seas. After 60+ cruises we are hard to impress, but this ship was something special.

It's feeling a lot like Christmas around here. The neighborhood has continued the tradition of lighting all the trees along the street with white on the trunks and green on the branches. And some of us have put up quite a bit more. Thanks to our always helpful neighbor Norm, our lights were plugged in on the appointed day while we were gone and we did our part in the neighborhood light show in absentia. Time to work on the Xmas cards and get ready to head south again soon.

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