Winter 2010 - 2011 travel blog

This is how we started - two poles and 3 yucca stalks.

Ron made holes in the rocks and inserted the pole about 4...

The cross pieces are screwed to the pole - will be lashed...

We are having one of our windy, chilly spells the last few days. Not enough for jackets but long pants and shirts with sleeves vs shorts and tanks for a bit. The clouds do make for some great sunrises and sunsets so we are enjoying the beauty of the desert.

Friday we went to Salome to forward some mail for some renters who had to move away from here. In the middle of the night the man had a coughing attack and in the morning he couldn’t talk and his face drooped on one side. She took him into Wickenburg and it was determined that he had an aneurysm. They rushed him to Phoenix for surgery and he will recover. However, he needs a lot of therapy so they have moved to the Las Vegas area to be near their son. In the meantime, their mail keeps coming here – so I have to forward it.

On the way home we stopped by the flea market in Vicksburg to see if the book lady was there. She was but she didn’t have any books I wanted. However, next door to her was a display of – well let’s call it stuff – really it was junk. But he had some yucca sticks that were the right size for my project. I also got a really nice glass pitcher – like the Kool-aid pitcher on TV. I thought it would be good for when we have company.

When we got home, Ron and I started on my project. It is something I’ve had in mind since I bought the stuff at the Pink Store two years ago. At that time I got 3 small serapes that I wanted to hang on a ladder made of sticks. I tried some ocotillo branches last year but they were too flimsy.

Mark and Kathy next door had gotten some cool stakes to stake up their trees and I asked them to get me some next time they were at the garden spot. They brought home 2 really nice, peeled stakes a couple weeks ago. Now with the yucca sticks for cross bars, I can make my ladder and hang the serapes. The pictures above show the progress.

I still need to get some small rope, or twine to make the lashings at the joints. I think it looks cool. I need to find some way to pin or sew the serapes so they don’t blow away but still can be removed when it rains.

Anyway, I like them and I think they are a great addition to our shade house.

The coming week will be busy. Monday we have to go to Parker for groceries, Wednesday we are going to Tree Camp to meet my brother, Rod, for the day and Thursday we are having the park Thanksgiving Dinner here.

I’ve been cleaning out my shed to be able to use the counter as a serving table. Yesterday Ron and I packed up 11 boxes of books and put them in the basement of the big RV. I’m keeping them with the hope that someday we will have a clubhouse and they will be the start of a library.

So that is the way our week has gone. Life is good. Enjoy!!

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