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This was a shorter driving day. Highway 97 was mostly a curvy two-lane road with a speed limit of 100 KPH [62.3 MPH]. At times I had to drive slower because it was just too scary otherwise. The terrain was quite hilly and lush green. There were lots of trees and ponds and rivers. Other than for the logging trucks it was a nice smooth drive.

We arrived at 2:20 at the RV Park where we were to meet our tour group. We signed in and found our spot. We are right amongst the other tour rigs and too near the main highway. Hopefully the noise machine will again drown out the traffic noise. Our trip leader is parked right across the driveway from us.

We went over for our introductory interview as soon as we were set up. Chuck and Sally seem like very nice people. They are super enthusiastic about the tour. They have done a lot of work in preparation and gave us a lot of literature that we will need for the trip. They have broken down every day by mile markers. They have suggestions for food, fuel, etc. needs along the way. They have listed all of the construction sites that they know about.

I like their name badges. They are the same on both sides so you don’t have to constantly check that your name is showing. They have printed the first name in large type so that you don’t have to look stupid trying to read someone’s name. Since there are 45 new names to learn, I will be reading badges for a long time.

We had some spare time to relax and get caught up. Before we knew it, it was 10:00 PM. Since it was still fully light outside, we had no visual clues to how late it was. We must adjust to this new situation. The further north we go the shorter the night becomes.

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