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Playa Amor!

Pepe de-grimes the motorhome!

This is the only RV park in Los Mochis!


To put things in perspective in "real time", today is the first day of Spring, March 21st, and I am safely writing in the glow of warm morning sunshine through our window as we boondock (free parking with no hookups, usually BLM land) near Tucson Mountain! I say "safely" because our final weeks in Mexico were marred somewhat with news of much violence, though we were never directly affected. We appreciate the concern voiced by many friends. That said, the story continues:

There is really no easy way to return to the states and be in the southwest (where we want to be) other than backtracking the way we came. So leaving Lo de Marcos and all our new Canadian friends, we drove the short distance to Playa Amor, near San Blas, for an easy overnighter. Once more, we are mesmerized by the beautiful views!

We have 45 very slow miles before reaching the Autopista and MX 15 to Mazatlan and we are thinking...Piece of Cake! Wrong! This very expensive section of highway, $66 in tolls, is only two lanes, and for at least 50 miles we were stuck behind a very slow convoy of heavily armed Federal police trucks, obviously on a mission to counter the attacks of drug cartels. To further compound a frustrating day, the Autopista ends about 30 miles south of Mazatlan and we have gridlock traffic to negotiate through a series of unappealing scruffy towns. It seemed as if we were cut off or blocked in at every opportunity. I somewhat jokingly told a friend that if I had had a gun you would be reading about the crazy American lady shooting up Mexico, rather than the other way around! JUST KIDDING!!

We return to the San Fernando RV park and friends, Dick and Hazel, for a few days. Once again Pepe washes off the grit and grime from our motorhome and we catch up on laundry. All the "residents" are preparing to leave for points north.

The news of the day is of farm workers protesting the loss of their land due to a new dam project and marching en masse, blocking the northern section of the Autopista between Mazatlan and Culiacan, a major metropolis and capital of the state of Sinaloa. This concerns us as we plan to leave the next morning!

Sure enough, about 60 miles north of Mazatlan, at La Cruz, the toll road was completely barricaded in both directions, and traffic was diverted 12 miles northeast to the free (libre) MX 15. Interestingly, there were police in place to hand out pre-printed maps, in English, so you know this had been "in the works" for awhile. Though slow, (it took us approximately 4 hours to get to Culiacan, about 150 km.) the drive was scenic and interesting to see all the little towns along the way and the road was not bad other than topes every few miles. Once back on the Autopista, we reached Los Mochis by mid-afternoon, just in time to do some banking and pay a visit to our favorite Mega Supermarket!

Tomorrow, March 9, we're off to El Fuerte and the train for the Copper Canyon to blaze new traveling trails!

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