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Becca and Ashlynn enjoying the beach.

Grammy and Pappy's pretty little beach girls!

Cape May's Light House

Cape May's Light House

Hey Ashlynn,can grammy and pappy borrow some of that energy?

Hey pappy,can you keep up ?

Cape May Beach

Ashlynn is tired from all the beach running and jumping!

We were all up and in the truck by 8 a.m. this A.M. I don't even think Ripley would believe that we could get Becca and Ashlynn out of bed that quickly. :)

We like to go on the backroads,so we went through a lot of neat little towns. When we went through the state of Delaware,the thing that Becca picked out was that the stop lights were painted black. You've gotta love her!:) We made a couple of pit stops. These are always an adventure with the girls,but we did manage to escape collecting any more baggage,like chips,pop,cookies,pet fish,turtle,or you name it.:) Soon (about 3.5hrs) we arrived at the beach.

We had a ball with the girls on the beach. They jumped the waves,made sand castles, and walked the beach with Pappy and Grammy. We were thankful for the big umbrella that we brought with us. We ate our picnic lunch under the umbrella,where it was cool with the nice beach breeze blowing. There was a neat old light house close to our beach location. Grammy loves old light houses so she made sure to get some pictures of it.

The end of the day came too soon for all of us. We all had a great time and made some more wonderful memories for later riminiscing. :):)

See ya down our next road of adventure! :):)

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