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Road overlooking Branson - large building in the background is the Welk...

Sign for Stagecoach RV Park

Stagecoach RV Park

Stagecoach RV Park Van used for transporting campers to shows

Roy Rogers Museum & Theater

Roy & Trigger (Actual Trigger - stuffed)

Replica of Roger' dining area where family meals were taken (furniture is...

Nellybelle fromthe TV show

The Titanic Museum - pictures weren't allowed inside

Daniel O'Donnell & Mary Duff singing during the show

Bran & I with Daniel O'Donnell after show

Pool Table in Men's Room at Shoji Tabuchi theater

Entrance hall in ladies room at Tabuchi Theater

Firepalce in Ladies Room at Tabuchi Theater

Shoji Tabuchi Show

Angels on Trail of Lights

Playground Scene, Trail of Lights

One of many lit dioramas on Trail of Lights

What a week this has been. We arrived in Branson last Saturday. On Sunday I went to lunch with Regina (Kaleta) Marcil. Those of you from EHS will probably remember her. She is living in Kimberling City with her daughter, MJ. It was nice catching up. She drove me around Branson, so we would have an idea where we were going when we venture out. Everywhere you go in Branson you are going up or down hill! The hills are steep. Reg said that in the winter if it starts to rain they cancel school immediately because everything turns to ice and with these hills the buses would never get up them. We stayed outside of town at Stagecoach RV. They have nice concrete pads and the management can't be beat. They have a van that they will transport you to shows, at no charge. Yesterday they put on a Thanksgiving dinner like I've never seen. There is no charge for it and they wouldn't let us bring anything. They roasted one turkey and fried three others. They had more fixins than I've ever seen. This is a passport park (no restrictions) so we are only paying $18.00 a night with full hook-ups, WI-fi and cable TV. What more could you ask for? Campers - pass the word. This is the place to stay if coming to Branson! While here we visited the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum. This is a fantastic collection of memorabilia. They kept everything. I will enclose a couple of pictures. Unfortunately, the museum will be closing permanently on Dec. 12 and the collection will be sold or auctioned off. The younger generation doesn't even know who Roy Rogers was. Another museum we visited was the Titanic. It holds the largest collection of Titanic artifacts. Even the building is in the shape of the ship. When you "board" you are given a boarding pass with the name of an actual passenger aboard the ship when it sank. During your visit you get to find if "you" made it off the ship alive - I didn't but Brad did....hope that's not an omen! Inside they have replicated the grand staircase to size. They have also replicated staterooms, the bridge and telegraph room. It was very interesting and well done. We went to two shows while here - the Daniel O'Donnell and Shoji Tabuchi shows. The first thing that surprised us was the size of the theaters. They were very wide but didn't go back that deep so there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The second thing was that pictures were allowed during the performance. In the Daniel O'Donnell Show he would come to the side of the stage and people would go up and have their picture taken with him while he was singing. After the show he came out in the lobby and you could have your picture taken with him and he would autograph anything you had purchased. We purchased a 2 disc set of hymns he autographed. We really enjoyed the show. Of course Brad was in 7th heaven when he ended the show with "How Great Thou Art" - one of his favorite hymns. The Tabuchi show was entirely different. Although you could still take pictures during most of the show, there wasn't an opportunity to have pictures taken with him. The show was the Christmas show and it was like a Las Vegas production. The costumes were lavish. It was something to see. The bathrooms in the theater are unbelievable. They are 1800 sq. feet each. The men's room has a pool table in it. They both have fireplaces. The ladies room has fresh orchids on each sink. The other thing we did here was to go through the Trail of Lights which is a display of Christmas Lights similar to Springfield's Forest Park at home. It is 2 1/2 miles long - it was wonderful. At the end there is a tower you can go up (by elevator) and in the observation area you can look out over the lights of Branson. We are packing up now to leave for Tulsa, OK, but I really think that we did enough to get the feel of what Branson is. We may never get back here so we wanted to do what we could. If we had one more show to go to it would have been the Tony Orlando/Lennon Sisters show. We had considered it but all we heard about the Shoji Tabuchi show swayed us. We have since heard nothing but good about the Tony Orlando/Lennon Sisters show. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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