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Francine steps aside to let the animals by.

Hazy view of the mountains.

Down to Jhedi.

Me, the porters & Jacques

Dinner with Kristina, Emily, Teresa & Lisa

View from airplane on way back to Kathmandu

It's the last day of the trek! It's definately hot down here at the lower altitudes.

Today we hike downhill most of the way. This morning is was sorta cloudy over the peaks, but I was able to get a few photos. We trekked from Pothana to Dhampus, over the ridge, amd then steeply downhill to Phedi. We were down at 10:45 a.m.

We rode back to Pokhara (about 1 hour), back to Base Camp Resort (our lodge), and Lisa, Christina, Emily & Matilda were waiting for us with beer, wine, vodka, soda, cookies, and apple slices. So we had a little party on the patio. We said our goodbyes to the porters. We had the best porters. They watched out for us all the time. We played cards with them, danced with them, and really liked them.

I got laundry done, and spent most of the afternoon on the Internet. We all went out to dinner that night and then to a disco. I could only take about 1/2 hour at the disco because my knees hurt from all the downhill hiking, and the cigarette smoke was bad. Teresa & I went back to the lodge together, and discovered the gate to the lodge was closed. Normally there's a bell to ring, but we couldn't find a bell. We searched and searched for a way to get in, and the guard finally woke up and let us in.

The younger ones stayed out late, and were really rowdy & noisy when they got back. There's still drama going on between some of the younger ones, but Teresa & I stay out of it. I'm too old for that stuff!

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