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Laguna Verde

The Altiplano

Bill and Luce at the hot springs

We started our day with a border crossing which seemed to take forever. At one point some Brazilian tried to push in front of us so a little scuffle occured! However, Lucy stood here ground and shouted at the man in Spanish. Very effective and he was ushered off into a little room to calm down! So we safely crossed the border into Bolivia. Now this is where the real South America begins!! I think so far we have been very much in an almost European environment, especially in Chile and Argentina, but now it was all going to change!!

Due to the fact that we would be climbing almost 3000m in height in the space of a few hours, we were advised to drink plenty of water. Well, i hardly drink water so for me 3 litres was enough. This meant we were constantly stopping for toilet breaks. Hmmm. I use the word toilet loosely. This meant all girls behind the back of the truck !! Having managed to avoid doing this for 7 weeks I am now a seasoned roadside wee-er. Lovely. I have no shame anymore!!! I felt absolutely no effect from the altitude which was lucky. About 4 people were pretty sick. The scenery through the altiplano was amazing. We stopped off a Laguna Verde, so called as it is a beautiful greeny colour due to the minerals in the water. Next stop was a little hot spring where we soaked our feet! Then at the highest point of the day we saw a few geysers and bubbling mud pools. Quality! Finally, we passed by Laguna Colorado, which is red in colour and full of pink flamingos!! We were supposed to camp here at over 4000m, but due to people feeling sick we carried on driving until dark and we reached the tiny settlement of (cant remember name!!) which was a bit lower down! Very glad as read that it gets down to -20C on the Laguna Colorado! Some of us were able to upgrade to cabins which was very nice as it was damn cold!! Over supper, some little kids from the local school played us some traditional music, all dressed up in the traditional outfits. Very nice !

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