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We toured the Mark Twain Cave - this is one of many...

Do you see the bats in the middle of the picture?

People could sign the walls until 1972 when it became a National...

The parlor - the couch on the left, love seat on the...

Interesting formation in the cave

Another interesting formation

This formation is called Injun Joe's Canoe

Mark Twain's boyhood home

We didn't have to paint the fence

We finally added Missouri to our map!

We toured Mark Twain Cave. It is located next to the campground. We saw several parts of the cave right out of Tom Sawyer. It was also used as a hideout for Jesse James at one time. After the cave we toured Mark Twain's boyhood home. Many of the characters in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were based on real people and many of the adventures Tom Sawyer got into were based on events in Mark Twain's life. We'll be on the road tomorrow.

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