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Mesa Falls

The route to Calgary finds us retracing some of the route we recently took with Hartmut with much nicer weather. The Targhee National Forest is just east of Yellowstone National Park and could easily be part of the park in terms of scenery and features. However, it is remarkable how much better the forest looks here than in the park. This area was logged at times and was not highly protected by the Smokey the Bear policy against allowing forest fires. We don't know the cause and effect, but the contrast between the health of the trees inside and outside the park is dramatic.

We are camped in Henry Lake State Park, a little slice of heaven between a placid blue lake and snow covered peaks. The view out of every window is stunning. The only factor that reminds us that we are not in heaven is the omnipresent mosquitos. With all the rain the area has had lately this is not a surprise, but does make sitting outside enjoying the scenery an exercise in swinging and swatting. We're surprised to see a flock of pelicans sharing the lake with the fishermen. They look slightly different than the ones we've seen in Florida and well they should. The weather around here is most un-Florida like.

So we drove through the forest on the Mesa Falls Scenic byway to the upper and lower falls. The falls were going great guns, again a function of all the rain. Although the falls were originally targeted as an area where a hydroelectric dam would be built, it never happened and this is the only totally natural waterfall in Idaho. Walking paths and viewing platforms made the falls easy for anyone to view and on a beautiful Saturday almost everyone was there.

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