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My bed; before I was ousted.

Relaxing in between the seats

I eventually got out of Lombok, and just in the nick of time as it turns out the planes there can't fly after dark (do they not have headlights???) and made it to Denpasar in one slightly shaken piece after yet another turbulent flight. My flight to Kuala Lumpur was delayed fortunately, then I went to my boarding gate and caught my Air Asia flight to KL. Given that its a budget airline I didn't expect much but it wasn't too bad. The seats (and I had 3 of them to myself) were comfy and I had plenty of room. Service is another story though!

The air hostesses were the rudest I had ever met and seemed to enjoy tormenting the passengers! I asked for water but had only one US note to pay for it, which they refused to accept as it was torn and they wouldn't take cards. I was dying of thirst, seeing as you can't take water bottles on the plane and got quite cranky. In the end they gave me a cup of boiling water and put an ice cube in it. It was a 3.5hr flight and when I got to KL at 12.30am I had a long wait ahead of me til my 7.15am flight to Borneo. There wasn't much point catching the bus for an hour into town to get a bed for a few hours then have to be back at 5am to check in.

But I thought I was prepared, I was going to sleep in the airport and had a game plan. There is really nothing at all in the Low Cost Carrier Terminal at KL, these guys put Jetstar and Virgin to shame with their tight-fisted approach to decorating. I picked a corner on the tiles, pulled out my sleeping bag, put my eye shades on a prepared to settle in for a few hours. Then I was poked by a Police officer telling me the last flight had landed so I had to leave the arrivals terminal. It wasn't even 2am yet...it was going to be a long night. I packed up my bed and went outside, and discovered that there were about 100 people sleeping on luggage in and around the departures area. All obviously locals who knew how it was done and not a single silly Westerner among them! There was nothing more to do than sit and wait it out as I couldn't go in to the terminal until I had checked in and I couldn't check in til 5am.

So I did what any other resourceful Westerner would and went to McDonald's. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen; a whole McDonald's full of people with their heads down on the table sleeping. I wanted to take a photo but had visions of a crazed Malaysian roused from sleep beating me with my own camera so I let the moment slide. So here I am 4.15am counting down the minutes and trying not to fall asleep in my Mc Coffee. And the worst part about it? I have to do an 8hr night stop over here again in a week...

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