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Micanopy Festival

Just one of the neat things to buy

Oh was this good

Some of the old old equipment

This has been here a long time




one of the many entertainers


Cool huh?


Belly Dancers

This gal was great. No wonder she is so slim

I loved these but didn't buy them. (pat,Pat)

Inside my favorite store



Fun huh?

I just have to share our sunset tonight


Since we returned to our place in Florida, we have been kept really busy. I am on a couple of committees and this is the time of the year that we are preparing for the next year’s budget etc. Both Bill and I have been doing what we can to help but we did take some time off this week-end and went to the 34th annual Fall Festival in the historic little town of Micanopy. Hundreds of artists, crafters, musicians and venders attracted thousands of people into this small town. We had such a fun time. There is just something about these festivals that keep us coming back. I’m not sure if it was the funnel cakes that we started out with, the entertainment that we watched or the great Italian Sausage that we had for lunch that makes us anxious for next years 35th but they all were so good.

The town if Micanopy is a place that we discovered this spring and fell in love with. The streets are overhung with ancient oaks bearded with Spanish moss. It looks like a place that time forgot. You might look again and recognize it as the backdrop for many Hollywood movies such as “Doc Hollywood” and “ Cross Creek.” The town has many small shops, restaurants and museums but during the Festival Week, there are many more booths to visit. We had a wonderful time shopping, eating and browsing. I did read though, that even though there were just as many people at the festival, there was a lot more looking than buying. That seems to be the trend with every place right now and I don’t know how anyone can expect anything different. Since the price of fuel went sky high and so many lay-offs and not even talking about the millions of dollars people’s stock folders decreased. I don’t think it should be any surprise. Course I try keeping the economy going but even I have cut back some things if I really don’t need it.

Today we went out to a few nursery’s looking for some palm trees. We found one small one that we both liked but we are still looking for the perfect 6’er. We will try again this weekend but for now we are busy getting ready for a fund raiser at our clubhouse tomorrow night.

We plan on having an ice cream social pool side since the weather is so nice. Yesterday we went out and bought several gallons of ice cream as well as chocolate, caramel, crushed nuts, whipping cream and cherries that we hope brings us some funds to purchase things for the club house that are not in our budget. If all goes well, we will have a Chile night next week. Since one of the committees I am on is the Club House Committee, I will be involved with these functions until next year when we change committees. This should be a great time as all the snowbirds are returning and we will get a chance to see them again as well as meet all the new owners that have come in since we left.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have some good things to share with you. Later…..

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