Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

our room at Imperial hotel

National Mosque, hiro in the robe

Butu Cave with huge statue

great buffet dinner

lexi getting blessed by Hindu man, getting a dot on forehead

wild monkeys at Batu Cave

272 steep steps to the cave!!

Hindu temple man praying up to the god

We travelled on the bus for 3hours from Melaka to KL, it was comfortable ride and I slept all the way thru. KL is a busy city with many high rises, shopping malls and megastores, mixed with backstreets full of run-down, dirty old buildings. It is a mixture of 3 diiferent cultures, Malay, chinese and indians, it is amazing how they mixed together well but still keeping their own cultures.

We checked-in at the Imperial Hotel Luxury Collection, which was really great hotel with timeless elegance. We were comp upgraded to nicer room with a view of the Petronas Tower (as I put down "honeymoon" when booking this on-line, haha) and we even had rose pedals in the bathroom!! They did a personal express check-in in our room, they have such a great service. for dinner we went down for buffet restaurant, again it was fantastic with 5 cooking stations, and only costed us $20 each which includes wine.

Our first day we checked out the city sights Chinatown, Merdeka Square, Central market and we visited the National Mosque. When we did arrive at the Mosque we were unable to go in as it was only for Muslim people between 12-3pm so we went and grabbed some lunch at Malaysia biggest shopping complex Time Square. When we came back at 3pm we were allowed to go in but we had to wear long robes to show no skin. The Mosque is one of Malaysia's largest and can hold up to 15,000 people at one time which is amazing, and luckily it was really quiet when we went in so we had a good look around and spoke to some guys in there that tried to explain the religion with a chart starting with Adam & Eve and how the Koran and the Bible are similar. Inside the mosque it was so quiet, calm and peaceful.

We walked through little India and we went down a street that had alot of TAB's or whatever they call there gambling places, we had to walk on the road as the footpath was packed. We went into another Hindu Temple were they were celebrating and praying to the God's.

Next day we visited the Batu Caves which is about 15km out of KL and we walked up the 272 steep stairs to reach the cave and along the way we were entertained by some wild monkeys playing around it was exciting as it was my first time to see monkeys outside of a zoo. The cave is a Hindu Shrine and they get a million pilgrims every Jan/Feb during Thaipusam. We both got a red dot thing on our foreheads by Hindu monk.

After the cave we headed back into town to book the bus for Taman Negara National Park we are going to spend next 3 days up there. The rest of the afternoon we were just relaxing, had cheap traditional massage for 30mins, yeah it was sooo good, and eased my back pain.

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