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State Capitol Building in Des Moines, Iowa

The Traveling Three

Larry joined us in Iowa

Troy helped us video this proclamation

It is Sunday and we have just come back from making the proclamation at the capitol of Iowa. We had two other people join us, Troy and Larry. Troy brought his DVD recorder and taped the whole session and plans on mixing it into a presentation and give us copies, so hopefully, we can get some copies out to those who are interested about what we are doing. The Iowa capitol has the most excessive graven image display of any capitol we have visited so far. There were some images that we couldn't even take pictures of they were so explicit. It is amazing what man allows to be displayed at the halls/temples of leadership. This level of morality suprised us because we were expecting a more wholesome display from what we thought to be a fairly conservative heartland type of culture that we thought Iowa would represent. The people we have met certainly express the more conservative image we expected. We also found the eagles displayed on the building that once again matched the portion of Jeremiah that refers to the destruction that travels on eagles wings. Another motif that we noticed that was significant was the scales of justice. Both on the main capitol building and the branch of justice building. This seemed to underline the act of numbering and weighing--Mene Mene Tekel Upharson.

We are planning on getting on the road fairly early tomorrow morning and making it to Minneapolis/St. Paul by about noon where we plan to meet Caren Linden and make the proclamation there. Mike has been helping me sort out some electrical issues on the Motorhome and it looks like we are good to go. Continue to lift us in prayer as the journey continues. We are learning much, not just about the capitols, but about ourselves and what YHVH is bringing forth in us both in the dross He is removing and the gold He is refining. Shalom for now

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