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Into every life some rain must fall. To be frank we were getting spoiled. The weather has been so nice thus far. It wasn't that we were taking it for granted; it just became an expectation. As we sat there Friday and Saturday cooped up in our cozy traveling home, watching the rain stream down the windows, we tried to tell ourselves that we were glad that we were no longer on the Maine seacoast, which has a hurricane headed for it. But it was so disappointing to drive past the bright red and orange trees and not be able to go outside and truly enjoy them. The high school a few miles down the road had to cancel homecoming, because it rained so much. Festivals and celebrations scheduled for the weekend were cancelled as well. The two of us did pretty well cooped up together in the 250 square yards that is our home away from home, especially considering we couldn't get a cell phone signal.

During a lull in the rain we headed out to geocache. If you don't know what that is you might look at the blog entry, where we first attempted this interesting way to explore an unfamiliar area. We were about two thirds of the way down the path to Goose Pond, when the rain started up again.

So without doing justice to the Newfound Lake area, we headed west to Lake George. We watched a program about the Adirondacks last spring and the scenery was unforgettable. Originally, we had wanted to visit this area on the way home, heading west after the Elderhostel in Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire. But the campground owners said that everything around here shuts down after Columbus Day. So we drove here through Vermont (which only took about an hour) and will retrace our steps in about a week. A model in the visitor's center showed long slender Lake George and many other smaller ones here in upstate New York. The Adirondacks go on for miles north and west of here. We can't wait to explore them. The town of Lake George is ticky tacky touristy. If you are looking for a wax museum, Dr. Demento's Haunted House or some authentic Indian moccasins made in China, this might be the town for you.

We're camped under trees so the satellite dish doesn't work, we have 30 amp service rather than the 50 we need to run the motorhome comfortably and - it's raining again.

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