Summer 2008 travel blog

The pitchfork fondue dinner. They actually cook the steaks on pitchforks in...

Alice, Jerry and Ron after dinner.

View of Medora from the hill where the dinner is served.

Three huge elk. We think they were in a pen and are...

The set of the musical. It is the 50th anniversary of the...

Singers and dancers.

Touring TR National Park. Prairie dog sentry.

Pete and Re-pete. Two old bulls now kicked out of the herd.

Mule deer doe standing in the shade of the bank.

Beautiful red clifts.

Ron at the ND Badlands.

Tried to get these cool rocks. The top rocks protect the softer...

Good travel picture?

I thought the moon over the mountain was pretty.

We finally pulled into Medora, ND, Tuesday afternoon. We had traveled north on Hwy 85 which was pretty bumpy. Miles and miles of rolling prairie. Most of it covered with yellow clover. Also saw many, many bee hives. Guess that is where the clover honey comes from.

Jerry and Alice were waiting for us and welcomed us in. We took a short nap after setting up camp and then showered and dressed for the dinner and show. In the meantime, Jerry had found out there was a shuttle so we didn't have to drive to the dinner.

This is an anniversary year here in Medora. It is the 150th anniversary of Teddy Roosevelt's birth, the 125th anniversary of the town of Medora and the 50th anniversary of the Medora Musical. There are a lot of people here in a town that only boasts 125 people in the winter. There are a lot of college students and seniors who work in the town during the summer. Most of the people at the dinner and the show are volunteers who work for room and board during the summer.

The pitchfork fondue is unique. They put several steaks on the pitchfork and fry them in hot oil. But the oil is so hot that they don't taste greasy. The buffet includes veggies with dip, coleslaw, baked potatoes, baked beans, and toast. There are chocolate brownies for desert and coffee, iced tea and lemonade for drinks. You sit at long tables with a fantastic view of the countryside.

The musical is set in a natural amphitheater with great seating. The best part was a reversible escalator to get us to and from teh amphitheater. The musical featured singers, dancers, horses, a great band and fireworks at the end.

Wednesday: We toured the National Park. There is a 28 mile scenic drive around the park. Most of the time is it 35 or even 25 mph. But some are in a hurry. One even passed us on a curve as they were in such a hurry. They will be the ones that say, "We toured the whole park and didn't seen any animals." We we went slow and saw lots of them. Check out the pictures. We also drove and climbed to the highest peak (2250ft). It gave us a great view of the area.

Jerry and Alice have left now to meet up with their daughter. We will stay here the rest of the week just lounging around and resting. Then we will head to SD for a couple of weeks.

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