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Start mileage: 39,646 End mileage: 40,011

We covered 365 miles today.

We left Mystery Mountain Camping Resort at 8:30 am. We never got around to using their heated pool or hot tub. Nor did we ever take advantage of the complimentary pancake breakfast. There were just too many other things to see and do...

Our first stop was the Vore Buffalo Jump in Buelah, WY. The Vore Buffalo Jump was discovered when I-90 was being constructed. It is a natural sinkhole that was used by at least 5 American tribes as a bison trap between 1500 and 1800 AD. Bison were driven over the side of this sinkhole to procure large quantities of food and furs necessary to survive the harsh prairie winters. Over 20 layers of bison bones have been found.

Since the area around Buelah had heavy thundershowers with hail yesterday, we were unable to go all the way down into the pit because the walkway was disturbed and very muddy. We did circle the sinkhole and listen to our guides presentation on the Jump.

Since we both like history and archaeology, this site appealed to us. We got to touch old bison bones.

Gee, with all this talk of bison we have yet to see a live one. The last live bison we saw were at the buffalo farm near Honeybrook, PA. Hopefully we’ll see some at Yellowstone.

Our next stop was Devil’s Tower, WY, which is the country’s first National Monument.

It is impressive. We went into the park and considered camping there but decided not to because it was so early in the day. We were instructed to drop our trailer in a parking lot 2 miles before the visitor center because there were already quite a few rigs on the road surrounding this stone monolith.

We pulled into the parking lot, took pictures and had lunch at the base of Devil’s Tower. Dropping the trailer just seemed like too much trouble.

Wildflowers abound in this area. Echinacea grows wild on the hillsides as do yucca and numerous other plants. The miles rolled by ... We saw mule deer and pronghorn antelope (but no buffalo). There were non-working and working oil wells around Rozet, WY along I-90, some road construction and very little traffic.

We considered camping somewhere in Wyoming for the night until we realized the next stop on our loose itinerary was about 70 miles into Montana. Tonight we are staying a 7th Ranch Campground in Garyowen, MT very near Little Bighorn Battlefield.

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