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Breitlan balloon in snow

Ballooning in the snow

Marty, Al, Jon and Alfred in Basel

Robin, Jon and Alfred in Basel - our special thanks to both...

It was snowing like crazy so the "normal pilots" are weathered out. There were a handful of corporate balloons that seemed to have commitments to rides so they flew in the clouds, fog and snow. They are crazy!!!! We packed up the basket and all of Alfred's equipment to drive back to Frankfurt. We could not have done this without the generosity of Alfred and Renata. We can't thank them enough! Jon, Al, Marty and Robin took the trailer and drove 2 1/1 hrs. in the snow to meet Alfred in Basel at the Swiss/French/German border. Still a lovely drive even in the snow. Semi trucks are not allowed to drive on the highways on Sunday here in Switzerland so it made it much better with no splash back.

We had dinner with Pierre and Magali (our wonderful chalet hosts) at Restaurant au Montagnard, the oldest chalet in Chateau d'Oex and it was fabulous. Most of the European crews headed home early due to weather so about the only clients in the restaurant were the American balloonists that were waiting to ship and fly today or tomorrow. Super Bowl Sunday! The game will come on about 2 am here. Al grew up in Pittsburgh and Robin in Phoenix so there is a little rivalry going on...no money has exchanged hands as yet! Both are certain their team will win. Tomorrow, we pack up and take the balloon to Basel and Marty and Al to Zurich. They are leaving a day earlier than the rest.

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