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Not sure what I was too late for, but I must have been a day to late for something. As we left Yuma and went up hiway 95 to Parker, we must have met at least 150 RV's heading south! They came by in caravans of anywhere from 3 to 15. I guess they were leaving Quartzite and area.

I have had quite a few people describe Quartzite, and most of them seem to think that you have to experience it. We just drove through, and already I agree with them. About 10 miles outside of town, we began to see groups of RV's boondocking on the desert. anywhere from four or five, to groups up to 50, just haphazardly parked on a level piece of ground. As we got closer to the townsite, there seemed to be more organization. Nice orderly rows on a piece of land fenced in, with a sign "Dry camping - $10.00" We kept on going.

Quartzite itself appears like a tent city with tents of all sizes housing all sorts of merchandise. We'll be going back there from Parker just to look around. I have heard it described as the biggest flea market in captivity. It sure looks like it. More in a later report.

It was facinating to drive north from Yuma. Along the highway were various fields of produce. Mostly we couldn't tell just what, but the rows are orderly, stretching hundreds of feet, and beautiful green colors. Right next to them will be a natural desert area - brown and tan with tiny bits of pale green native plants. The contrast between natural and watered/forced growth is phenomenal!

Also interesting to drive along the highway which appears to just be pavement laid down over the desert. Gentle rolls in the road, then every once in a while, a deeper swoop down and up. A dry wash without a bridge or culvert. Usually a sign reading "Do not enter if flooded". Makes you wonder what people think, or I guess if people think. Actually, I guess I know partly at least. Last weeks rain storms resulted in several cars washed off the roads where dry washes weren't dry,and the storm water ran over the roads. Actually, now that I think about it, the same thing happened about 100 yards up 52nd street from my place. Huge rainstorm, road flooded, person tries to drive car with 6" clearance through 24 inch "lake". Didn't work any better in Calgary than it did in Phoenix.

Have a nice campground in Parker, right on the banks of the Colorado river, and will stay there for a week, before trying again to get over to California. Much attention being paid to weather forecasts. Won't go til the rains stop. Fingers crossed!


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