The Inaugural Voyage - Winter 2008 travel blog

Yesterday afternoon a power station failure took out the electricity for much of southeastern Florida. We found out about it when we watched the news. It didn't affect us at all.

The news also had dramatic video of large schools of sharks swimming just off shore. We went to the pool. They didn't affect us at all.

The weather forecasts had dire warnings about a line of severe line of thunderstorms with possible twisters. We battened down the hatches and went to bed with fingers crossed. It didn't affect us at all.

The weather forecast also warned about a cold front bringing temperatures down about 20ยบ. It was hard to avoid that one, especially since we traveled 180 miles north. It's affecting us a lot. We've put aside the shorts and sandals we've been wearing for the last five weeks and dug out jackets, shoes and socks. It feels like fall. Lows tonight should be around freezing.

However, the sun is out and a late afternoon visit to the visitor's center leaves us with the impression that there will be lots to see here in this most historic of cities, America's oldest according to the brochures. The campground here only costs about $10 a night more than we are used to paying rather than the four to five times as high tariff that became customary when we were still in the warm - the silver lining in that cold cloud.

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