Panama to Alaska 2008 travel blog

Idaho Scenery

A large vehicle

Robin, Rick and a giant potato

Outside the nuclear power plant

An even larger vehicle (note trailer behind bush)

The Aston visiting the lava fields

After several very impressive and enjoyable days there, we left Utah and headed for Idaho - the land of potatoes. Not wishing to miss out on the true Idaho experience we headed for Blackfoot and the Poato Museum - which has the world's larger replica potato outside it. Unfortunately that was all we saw since it was closed on Sundays. However I think we may have done the best bit. (note: we ate huge baked potatoes with dinner)

We travelled with Rick and Di (again - we both seem to be the last to leave and stop at most places along the way, but have compatable cars for travelling together). Our next stop was EBR1. This is the worlds first nuclear power plant - actually Experimental Breeder Reactor, built in 1950 and decomissioned in 1964. We were hesitant about the visit but in the event the guided tour was fascinating. It was a truly pioneering project establishng the fact that a plant built to generate from Uranium could produce as a byproduct more than enough Plutonium 239 to power itself.

Next stop: Craters of the Moon national park - Idaho's demonstration that not all the great scenery is in Arizona or Utah. This 12,000 - 2,000 year ago eruption along a fault left volcanic debris throughout the Snake river valley plus some mighty big piles of clinker. We saw one hole that was filled with snow as the sun never gets into it. Bizarre looking into it in 27degC outside.

I should mention that the weather has continued to be fabulous. We are driving under blus skies again and temperatures in the mid 20s. Apparently last week it was cold and raining. We keep getting the timing wrong to use the branded Panama to Alaska umbrellas that we have all been carrying - but this is an easy thing to live with.

We have arrived in Ketchum the heart of the Sun Valey ski resort. Not much snow left here so a walk in the hills among the summer flowers in called for. Charlotte has gone off with the girls - I was not invited, so having cleaned the flies off the car and done the boy bt of chatting to the others who have their heads under their bonnets, I will now set off up into the hills for a stroll.

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