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Well folks were at St. David , Arizona and that is down near Tombstone and the border of Mexico. Tombstone had all of the places you would expect to see but it was just a big tourist trap so we didn’t spend much time there. Twink and Rick thanks for the border patrol patch it was very effective. Ha! Ha! We went to a little, and I mean little town of Bisbee. The main source of income is working in the copper mine or in one of the small shops or restaurants. The Bisbee Breakfast Club is only open Thursday-Sunday 7-3. So we went and had breakfast and it was to die for cause everything was scratch made and enough for an army to eat. The shops in town are very small and full of precious junk. Some of this stuff was before our Mom and Dad’s were born and the prices made your eyes bug out. The streets were barely wide enough for one vehicle and thank goodness we didn’t meet any. All the building are original from the 1800’s. Most of the houses just hang off the side of the mountain and boy do they look weird like that. It was a lot of fun and interesting to walk around a town like that with no big interference from big hotels and fast food.

The birds are Sand Hill Cranes and there had to be at least 17,000 cause that’s what the ranger book said. They were so beautiful and when they took of it made a whoosh noise that was just awesome. And all that clatter of them all squawking at once was amazing. A Bald Eagle flew too close for their comfort while we were there and about 4000 of them took off all at once. What a sight that was. The white smaller birds mixed in with them were Snow Geese. There were like 5 or 6 marsh like ponds for them to live off of for the winter. By the end of March they will be all gone and headed for Canada. They fly down here to a place called Whitewater Draw. It is way out in the wilds of Arizona but it was worth every minute. Just a small strip of marsh land in the middle of the desert.

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