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Yellow sulphur laden steaming lake

Vegetation stained by the minerals from the steam... struggling to survive

Saturday and we have moved on reluctantly from the thermal pools after another swim and soak before breakfast.

We visited the Wai-o-Tapo thermal wonderland. This was a much busier place than the young volcanic valley we had walked up the previous day and is part of the old volcanic zone of the Taupo region. The steaming pools and mud pools came from deeper down and so had more mineral in them and were therefore smelly. The colours were more the yellows of the sulphur deposits forming hugh shallow steaming lakes than the greens and blues of the algae in the warm streams fomed from the boiling springs in the volcanic valley.

It was another amazing place that showed the power and fragility of the earths crust and the hot interior with large craters and steaming lakes as well as a silica/primrose yellow flow of terrace deposits that look a little like a yellow glacier..... but hot!

We spent all morning wandering round the strange rock formations amongst the steam before driving over to Lake Taupo for our next campsite....where it rained...very hard!

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