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The view from our hotel in Rethimno

Hotel in Rethimno

The fort


Tom in the dungeon


Shopping in Rethimno

A famous fountain


Greek characters

Casa Delfino - our hotel in Chania (pronounced Hania)

Lunch on the street of our hotel

Rethimno is pretty, but quite touisty, but we had a nice hotel with a king-size bed, and a bathtub! However, the tub was tiny, and you had to sit in it with your knees to your chin, like in the old western movies, Very nice shower, though. The best part of Rethimno was the old Venetian fort, covering acres on a hilltop by the sea, with many buildings in it, and very few tourists in the morning. It looks impenetrable, but the Turks just went around it, so it was not an effective defense. On Saturday, we drove to Hania, and stayed in a restored Venetian palazzo. Our room had a loft where the bed was, and a curving staircase to get to the big, comfy bed. We had a nice lunch on the street near our hotel, but at dinner we got the rude waiter from hell who insisted that we eat what he wanted us to eat, drink what he wanted us to drink, was slow in serving it, and then yelled at both of us for not eating it all! This restaurant was recommended by Frommer's - ha! (No tip!)

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