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inland view from Diamond Head

Diamond Head panorama

Diamond Head


light house

another view

Makapu Bay and islands

Makapu Beach

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blow hole

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light house beach

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Makapu Beach

A front came through; the humidity cleared, the wind rosed, and the sun was bright. It was a perfect time to explore the east coast of Oahu. We started with a hike up Diamond Head. We were joined by half the nation of Japan. As we climbed up 500 sweaty feet on a sometimes narrow walk way, we paused regularly as they paused regularly to take photos of one another. They are tough to share a narrow path with. They drive on the left, we on the right, and we found ourselves face to face a number of tight junctions. Of course these very polite folks, so much smaller than we, were quick to see the "error" of their ways!

Then we drove farther east to the blow hole, a special spot where the surf forces its way through a hole in the lava formations along the beach. When we combed the beach the water was warm and the surf inviting. I should have brought my bathing suit. Lastly we did a longer hike which took about an hour up to a light house. The vistas from the heights made us feel like we were in a movie. It felt great to use our muscles for something more than walking circles around the deck. This is one of those days when I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Because we will be driving rental cars around the islands for the next five weeks, it seemed like a good idea to bring our GPS, fondly named Erika, with us from home. The newest version of Erika speaks to us as we drive and tells us which roads to turn on and when. Erika is doing fine on the navigation end of things, she has a doozy of a time pronuncing the Hawaiian street names. You try saying Kamehameha, Lunaulilo, Kealakipapa, Namahana, Olohana, or Liluokalani. But when I asked for the nearest grocery store, in 2.7 miles we were there driving like natives. Erika will be worth her weight in gold.

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