Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

Nearby monastery

Novice monk

Wall of Buddhas


Nearby stupas

Lake house and lotus garden

Reflection of house and boat

Lakeside farm

We are now committed to what may be the fourth 'final' version of our remaining schedule, i.e. stay here, trek for two days in the hills nearby, fly to Yangon Sunday, straight to the Golden Rock, etc. Plane tickets are bought, so that's it. The bad news is that it keeps raining, and as you know, slogging up hill in all-weather gear in tropical heat is not nice, especially when there is no shower at the end of it.

Today is half-electricity day, so I catch up on blogging and e-mails. We changed hotel to a slightly cheaper, slightly more central one, paid for flights and trekking, and then hired bikes for the day. First we went a km. north of town to this great old monastery, with oval doors/windows. Very photogenic. But unexpected was the passageways in the attached pagoda, which were the most gorgeous colours, and full of cute little buddhas in niches. And then we basically rode all over town and the nearby area until the rain drove us indoors. This town appears to be at least 50% monasteries, temples and pagodas, and hard to tell them apart. Monks everywhere!

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